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End-of-Arm Tooling at its best

This is the game changer for the automation of CNC machines.

 The CLAMPBOOSTER is the automation solution in CNC production. It adds a crucial component to your robot - a drive system for the vise. The CLAMPBOOSTER is the flexible solution for loading CNC machines without the need for expensive machine conversions!Thanks to the unique programming of this drive element, the robot now not only independently grasps the material and supplies it to the machining center, but can also, with the addition of the CLAMPBOOSTER, tighten the workpiece in the vise for machining and loosen it again.The function of automatically tightening the workpiece in a manual vise is unique in the national and international market. The CLAMPBOOSTER is protected by patent.

  • Can be used universally in all CNC production cycles
  • Guarantees a safe voltage

Opłacalne rozwiązania zbudowane z RBTX